Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Hunt Begins

Good help is hard to find these days.  Specs and I go way back in this business.  Specs can shoot the wing off a dragonfly at 100 yards.  His rifle is longer than he is tall, which isn’t saying much for a gnome.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why he does just get the corrective surgery that would free him of his coke bottle glasses.  We hire on extra people depending on the requirements.  With Tammy we figured we needed some magical help.  Specs wanted someone that could level a building; I wanted someone that could walk up to you and never be seen.  So naturally we compromise and hired two mages.  Specs is a little nervous taking on a hunt for the vampires because they can be a pain to deal with.  I trust his judgment, but the money was too good to pass up.  I managed to buy some information that pointed me to Detroit, Michigan.  My source said she was going to meet someone there. 

Arrived in a suburb of Detroit, why is it that that when you ask people, they say they’re from Detroit, but I haven't meet a single person who lives there.  Found a computer cracker that goes by Lazareth.  I don’t know what she said to him, but when I threaten to help him meet his Maker, he just laughed saying it was better than what that crazy woman said she’d do to him.  I never saw a living person go that pale before.  Whoever she is, her hold on him was nearly complete.  He did give me something a web link and a code that expires on 12 Sep 2012.

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