Friday, September 28, 2012

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I extended the promo because I forgot to give the promo code.  Happy reading.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amazon Promo

I'll be running a free promo for my book this weekend, 29-30 Sep.  If you are interested just follow the Link to Amazon.  All I ask is if you like the book write a review.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Heroes fo Lore

I don’t understand how people can read for enjoyment.  Me the only thing I enjoy reading is the check I get for a job well done or a case file for my next hunt.  This crap Kendrick sent me to brought flash backs to school for me.  I get the morality of the story but I fall to see how useful it is to me.  The first bit of information he gave me was useful because it gave me a few of the names that Tammy is hanging out with.  This is good for me because I can collect on some paydays when I bring her down and it gives me some insight into the danger I’m facing when I finally catch up with her.  I know that will be next to impossible with Todd as part of their group.  This information is about a guy that died so long ago elves don’t even remember him. 
Alexander Bader rose to answer the call of the masses.  His singular mission was to find the reason for the gods abandoning us.  Alexander set out with two close friends. The first a sage named Milo Greystep; he was a dwarf that knew as much about the land as he did about lore.  The other Juniper Fay, She was a talented mage and warrior.  She loved alexander and would follow him to the end of the world.  Milo suggested visiting the holy site of Zotico, the father and protector of the gods.  The journey would dangerous and take nearly a full season to complete. 
The corruption of earth was spreading.  It was small things at first with plants, more types of plants were becoming poisonous and some even started feeding on animals.  The journey to the holy site of Zotico went through a dense forest where the friends came face to face with a plant that shoot barbed thorns with tendrils attacked to the plant.  The plants had surprised them and shoot the thorns into Juniper.  She was unable to retrieve her weapon because the plant was reeling her into an opening.  Alexander was quick to action cutting her free.  Milo pulled a vile from his belt and threw it at the plant.  When it smashed open the contents burst into flames that consumed the plant.  In the death throes of the plant loosed more thorns.  One of them found purchase in Alexander’s wriest.  The tendril connecting it to the plant dropped to the ground as the plant slumped over and erupted in a ball of fire.  Alexander kept watch over the forest as Milo tended to Juniper’s wounds. 
Once they cleared the forest they were little signs of life.  The final track of the journey was a long climb up the mountain to the gods.  It would take all of their strength and skills to survive to the top.  The top of the mountain was so tall it was said that you could almost touch the heavens.  The village at the base of the mountain was gone.  They had hoped to acquire supplies from there before the climb.  The tracks where there to show they had not strayed from the path, but the village was gone.  As if they had packed everything including the building and left.  This mystery would have to wait until they could accomplish their quest.
After spending a week gathering the required supplies they ventured up the mountain of the gods.  On the third night stay they encountered a small herd of deer grazing in a valley.  Not wanting to miss a chance to get some more supplies Alexander and Juniper decided to do some hunting.  They made their way to the deer while Milo set up camp and prepared a fire.  Working ever so closer to their prey the pair crawled forward inch by frigid inch.  The deer were smaller than the deer from the plains but food was food.  They were huddled together for warmth and protection.  They numbered six in all.  They were shifting to a firing position when the packed snow beneath Alexander gave way in a loud crack, alerting the deer to their presence.   Instead of fleeing as deer normally do, they charged. 
Juniper was momentarily stunned when she noticed the sharp fangs of a predator and the blood red eyes that seemed to pierce her very being.  If it had not been for Alexander cry for help she might have been lost in their gaze.  She was determined to protect Alexander regardless the consequences.  She stood and case spell hurtling a bolt of lightning at the lead creature.  It was struck full force on the flank killing it and causing it to slide away from them.  Taking quick account of the situation Juniper realized she needed to buy Alexander time to free his leg.  She loosed another spell this one caused three screaming missiles to impact the next closest creature.  Two of them hit it in the flank, the third shattered its leg causing it to fall and tumble on the rocky ground, its limbs flailing about trying to gain purchase.  The creature behind it was stunned briefly when it was kicked in the head.  Her magic had drawn the attention of the remaining creatures.  She was only able to cast one more spell before they would be on her.  She fired flames from her fingers tips setting one on fire causing it to run away wildly in a panic.  Another one just broke off the attack and ran for open ground.  As the last of the fire flew from her fingers the last creature sank its teeth into her left leg and lifted its head causing her to loss her footing.  It lost its bit on her as she fell to the ground.  It rose to its hind legs in preparation to stomp her.  She was able to roll into its back legs and draw her knife.  When she rolled into its back legs she raised the knife into it’s under belly.  It let out a horrific howl as she cut a long slice in it.  The creature fell over dead leaving its entrails on her chest.
Juniper wasn’t able to enjoy her work.  She looked for Alexander and found that he had drawn his sword and killed the creature that was stunned from the kick.  It had recovered and charged him.  Unable to move he let the creature impale itself on his sword.  Without the dangerous creatures there freeing Alexander’s leg was a simple matter.
When they arrived at the site the temple was built nothing remained, not even a single stone remained to showed of the beautiful structure.   The earth surrounding the area was barren and lifeless.  The fate was worse than death, they were erased.  What was happening in the heavens to allow this sort of devastation to take place?