Sunday, August 12, 2012


I talked to the vampires and told them to double and then add a zero to the end of the amount for the job.  Before I left, my phone beep indicating the new amount for the job.  The guy never even touched a keyboard, they were listening; I hate vampires.  Specs wants to dump the job, but we’re now talking about a LOT more money.  We can now afford a better building smasher.  I don’t like flashy mages; Specs knows this.  I see the appeal in them, but they are reckless and cowardly.  Tammy is flashy but someone like her doesn’t get this old by being reckless. 

The information from the link proved valuable.  I found out that there are some other people working with Tammy, a gnome called Todd and an awakened call Samuel Oscar Smith.  I’m sure there are a few others; that would explain the total destruction of the building.  Something spooked them and they left in a hurry.  My guess is the vampires found them.  I’ll have to ask them next time I talk to them.  I really should have Sally sniff for magical tracking and protect against it.  I don’t like to be used like this.  I also need to get someone to sniff for technical bugs.  I could just be paranoid though, but you live long in this job without being a little paranoid.

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