Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Side Job

With the trail cold for Tammy I had to take a job to bring in some income.  I let the 2 mages go with an agreement to hire them back when the trail went hot again.  Specs was happy enough to be off the hunt for Tammy.  This job sounded easy, find a couple of escapees.  One Sasha McAlister a very scary individual, she would just as easily kill you as she would say hello.  In a corrupt world it was nice to see something as pure as her.  She killed for no higher reason, she didn’t make excuses, and she didn’t apologies for it.  She was pure in her evil hatred of life.  It was refreshing but twisted.  The other was my hacker friend Kendrick.  He gave me that code to find some information on Tammy.  That information did serve me well.  The bounty for Sasha was good $200,000.00 dead or alive.  It seems that Sasha didn’t care who she killed as long as she killed them.  Kendrick’s bounty was less $20,000.00 alive only.  It seems that he was more of a blip on their radar than anything else.
I’m an opportunistic bastard; I’m seeing that I can get both of these bounties easily enough.  I still have contact information for Kendrick.  I figure I can contact him offer him some cold hard cash and he will jump for the chance.  I think I’ll offer 20 grand to help me find the psycho.  Who knows maybe I’ll just let him go if the information on her is good.  I’m not too worried about her.  She will be alone and I’ll have Specs.  He loves a good clean kill himself.  He may not be as pure as her, but he is a stone cold killer none the less. 
The message is sent, Specs is cleaning his weapons waiting for the reply.  Specs wants to see this woman’s head explode.  Some days when I see him I can’t help but hope I never find myself in his sights.  I know I’ll never see it coming but the thought still chills me.

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