Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sample from the next installment of Silent Wars

          Celine could feel a shift in the power as she searched the carnage.  A wave of dread passed over her as she approached a spot near the center of what was the courtyard.  It was hallowed ground.  Something big happened here to cause this.  She started a process to remove the blessing bestowed by Aaryon.  After half an hour the blessing gave no indication that she had attempted to remove it.  This was not good, she was going to have to call and get assistance.

          She feared this call, as a high priestess and her long history of hostility; Celine had hedged her bet that Mathew was going to hold the seat of power, the seat Cecile now holds.  Cecile was not forgiving and Celine had made her life hell.  Ultimately, she needed help and had to make the call whether she wanted to or not.

          “Cecile, this is Celine, we have a situation.  Mathew has grown stronger; he did something here that...”
Cutting Celine off before mid-sentence, “Let me get this straight, you can’t fix this and your old boyfriend is now causing us to expend assets to repair the damages he’s caused?  Uh yes what came of that information from the vampires?  Was that information worth the three acolytes we gave as payment?  That’s right you still don’t have him and now he is more dangerous than ever.  Have I forgotten anything?”

          Celine couldn't say anything to counter her argument, she had over simplified her points but she was correct in her summary.  The vampires didn't give her anything of worth; Mathew was now a real problem, he had only been a minor annoyance at best before.  “No ma’am, you haven’t missed anything.  I need assistance to remove a blessing caused by his castings.”

         “Fine I’ll send someone to take over the investigation.  I EXPECT that you WILL fully cooperate.”  Cecile paused for effect, “Your replacement will be there in the morning.  You will give her a full brief on way to the site.”

        With an audible click Cecile disconnected the line.  Celine had only a few hours to hunt down Mathew and capture him.  He only had a five hour head start on her.  There was something about this ground that “felt” different.  Deciding to investigate the site further before some nobody showed up to take credit sounded good to her.  Looking around she invoked an ancient curse  “What else can go wrong?”

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